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Lov i ribolov na Šar-planini

Medved, Brezovica, Šar planinaLov i ribolov su najstarije čovekove delatnosti. Čovek je zahvaljujući lovu i ribolovu vekovima opstajao u prirodi.

Tradicija lova na Šar-planini je veoma duga. U pisanim dokumentima spominje se još u 14 veku.

Prirodni uslovi na Šar-planini omogućuju opstanak velikom broju vrsta divljači. Raznovrsnost biljnog sveta i njeno bogatstvo vodom, tome posebno pogoduju. Šar-planina po broju i vrstama divljači, posebno zbog onih vrsta koje su vrlo retke, predstavlja najinteresantnije lovno područje u Srbiji.

Ski center Brezovica

Žičara, BrezovicaSki Resort Brezovica, famous Tourist Centre on the northwest part of Šara Mountain, is a unique sport - recreation complex at the height between 900 and 2,500 meters above sea level. Distance from Priština and Skopje airport is 60 km, from Thessalonica 303 km, from Sophia (toward Niš) about 355 km, and from Belgrade 400 km. With its Alpine nature and high mountainous, the ambient of immediate surrounding of Brezovica is similar to famous European Tourist Centers. Centenary forests, beautiful meadows and endless pastures full with mountain flowers, medical herbs, and rare game fulfill the satisfaction of visitors. The relatively high level of precipitation and the water-resistant rocks result in a dense network of rivers and rich wells and surface water. The great number of wells and springs with cold, clear water are a special picturesque element of this region.

National Park Šar-Mountain

Proleće, BrezovicaBrezovica has attained its popularity on the home and foreign tourist markets, first of all by the quality of what it can offer. Its highly valued ski-tracks have earned it a place among the best known winter sport centers in Serbia and in Europe.

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